Do The Health And Fitness Pros Outweigh The Cons

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Status desks are all of the rage among those who want to growth their Health at work. The desks provide a sturdy floor to work on, but they cast off a chair — forcing you to stand all day lengthy. There’s loads to love approximately status desks (like the fact that you do not spend hours sitting!), however the fact is that it is not all suitable. Here are a number of the pros and cons of status desks:


Be greater lively – The beauty of standing is that it is less difficult to move round! Alternatively of getting to rise up and circulate your chair aside to move around, you could just start transferring. It’s plenty easier to tempo when seeking to determine out a hard hassle or to match in some quick exercises even as on the cellphone or computer. For folks that want to be more energetic, it’s a incredible addition to the office.

Much less Time Sitting – research have established that sitting for extra than six hours an afternoon can result in a wide range of health troubles. One of the downsides of sitting is that it weakens your core and gluteal muscle tissues, which affect your posture and mobility. By status more, you lessen the chance of those postural defects and save you the fitness problems that often end result from spending an excessive amount of time sitting down.

Better move and power manufacturing – many of the folks that use standing desks report feeling greater energized all through their day. That is frequently because of the improved circulate that consequences from standing and sitting less. The body is able to supply nutrients to the muscles, organs, and internal systems greater effectively, main to higher standard body feature.

Burn more calories – standing will increase your metabolism. Sitting slows down your metabolism. It is pretty clear that is better for weight reduction ultimately! The more you move round, the greater calories you burn. Standing engages your muscle groups and keeps your body burning energy all day lengthy.

Better attention – Many status desk customers report having better awareness and focus all through their day. The reality which you’re status helps you to focus on what you’re doing, main to a higher interest in your paintings.


Pain – The human frame is designed to transport around, not stand endlessly. Your knees, hips, again, shoulders, and neck may also ache after an extended day of status, and foot pain is one of the maximum not unusual court cases amongst standing table customers.

Tiring – have you ever ever attempted to face for greater than an hour or ? It’s pretty exhausting! Your leg muscular tissues are the largest muscle organization in the body, in order that they use the best amount of strength.

Adjustment duration – Your body won’t have an clean time going from sitting all day long to standing for hours on cease. It will take a few adjustment to get used to standing greater. This will imply days or maybe weeks of joint ache, sore feet, and tired muscle mass. Ultimately, it is worth it however it can make for a few brief-time period discomfort with a view to detract out of your work.

Standing desks can be an super addition to your office, and they are able to seriously improve your fitness, mobility, and universal health. However, like some thing else, they are not 100% best, so it is crucial which you recognize the cons in addition to the pros.

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